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My name is Steve Rawlings, holder of the amateur radio callsign 'GW4ALG'.  

Through these pages, you can find out how to draw your own circuit diagrams using The Microsoft 'Paint' application. 

This may not be the most professional way of drawing circuit diagrams, but it does use readily available software, and, with practice, you can produce good looking drawings that are easy to maintain.

To start producing your first circuit diagram, copy the template files onto your C: drive.

Start MS Paint and open the required template file.  Then start another session of MS Paint and save your new file as a monochrome .bmp or .gif file.  Now you're ready to start pasting the required symbols into your new file.

Then it's just a matter of using the features in Paint to place the symbols in the right place, and connect them together with lines of suitable thickness.

Here's one I made earlier:

Sample circuit diagram (VFO)


Good luck with your poor man's CAD package!



Since writing the original article in 2002, I notice that the latest version of MS Paint supplied with Windows 10 no longer renders the symbol images correctly.  They look fine in Full Screen mode, but not in Edit mode.   I've tried altering the screen resolution under the Display settings in Windows 10, but it does seem that MS Paint has been well and truly broken.

I'm currently experimenting with Paint Shop Pro 7 which appears to have some potential as a replacement.  But I may decide to use Version 1.1 of Paint XP (paint.exe -  1 MB for x86) that can be downloaded at your own risk from

Steve Rawlings, ex-GW4ALG
22 October 2020