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Steve Rawlings, G4ALG


ARRL: Life Member
FISTS: Number 10885
G-QRP Club: Number 10574
ISWL: Number 21060
SKCC: Number 1567

Worked All Britain 

SO60, Gloucestershire.   WAB Book Number 1432.

IARU locator 




This page updated 

2 April 2022


Equipment & Operating Information:
Operating times 

Mainly in the evenings

Transmitter Power 

5 W RF output

Antenna 1 

110 m horizontal loop at 9 m high.

This is a very low noise antenna on receive that also works well as a transmitting antenna on the 5 to 50 MHz bands.  It is treated as a balanced antenna, and matched to 50 ohms using an MFJ balanced antenna matching unit.

Antenna 2 

End fed 'long wire' at 9 m high.

This is an unbalanced antenna configuration formed by strapping the feed point to Antenna 1.  This configuration is more noisy relative to Antenna 1, but appears to be a more efficient transmitting antenna on the 1.8 and 3.5 MHz bands.   It is matched to 50 ohms using a home made Pi network antenna matching unit.

Operating modes 

CW only